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StickScrew System | PennEngineering


DB Roberts is an authorized distributor for all PennEngineering brands, including STICKSCREW® small screw insertion solutions, offering manufacturers an extremely fast, accurate and efficient method of small screw insertion.

This simple, low-cost system combines a lightweight driver and “sticks” of up to 110 serially connected hex head screws. Simply insert the stick in the driver, index the first screw, squeeze the trigger, and place the tip of the protruding screw in the hole and the screw is driven home, twisting off cleanly when precise torque is reached.

Stick Screw

StickScrew Small Screw Insertion Systems


  • Self-contained system. No expensive tooling, jigs or fixtures, are required
  • Designed to reduce repetitive motion stress injury. Minimum operator training required.
  • Inventory control simplified. No loose or mixed screws. Less shelf space required
  • Major productivity increase in small screw insertion. Productivity increases are greater as screw diameters decrease and difficulty in handling loose screws increases.
  • Ergonomic driver designs offer lightweight handling, rugged cast aluminum body, precision machined components, reduced noise, ease of maintenance and service. Two driver models available.
  • Tamper resistant fastening.
  • Installs to precise torque.
  • Economical delivery system for very small micro screws.