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DB Roberts is an authorized distributor for Sugatsune, an architectural and industrial hardware company. Sugatsune was founded to create hardware solutions of unparalleled quality with the core value of being original. Since 1930, Sugatsune has been inspiring architects, designers, and industrial engineers by providing uniquely designed and precision-engineered hardware products that create convenience and satisfaction for people.

Sug Sugatsune America, Inc.

Sugatsune Products Include:

  • Brackets and Shelf Supports
  • Catches, Latches, and Hasps
  • Drawer Slides and Linear Glides
  • Hinges
  • Storage and Organization Hardware
  • Cabinet Door Systems and Hardware
  • Countertop Door Systems and Accessories
  • Grommets, Ventilators, Chutes, and Spouts
  • Hooks
  • Torque Dampers
  • Casters and Leveling Glides
  • Door Systems and Hardware
  • Handles, Pulls, and Knobs
  • Panel and Cushion Mounting Clip System