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STANLEY Engineered Fastening


DB Roberts is an authorized distributor for STANLEY® Engineered Fastening, the global leader in precision fastening and assembly solutions.

Stanley Engineered Fastening brands include Avdel®, IntegraTM, Nelson®, POP®, STANLEY® Assembly Technologies, Tucker®, and Optia® - which includes the Dodge®, Gripco®, Heli-Coil®, and Spiralock® brands. The Stanley brands represent the world's most diverse portfolio of fastening and assembly products and solutions.


Stanley is a company that has been revolutionizing fastening and assembly technologies for almost 100 years. By remaining at the forefront of the industry from a technology standpoint, Stanley Engineered Fastening is able to ensure that their customers are truly benefiting from the world's most advanced fastening and assembly solutions.

Stanley Engineered Fastening's role is not just to provide innovative products, but to enable quick access to the tools, information, and engineering expertise that customers require to achieve success. Their products aren't the end product, they are part of something much bigger. Stanley Engineered Fastening exists to elevate what our customers create and champion their impact on the world.


STANLEY Engineered Fastening Brands Include: