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POP Rivets | Stanley Engineered Fastening


DB Roberts is an authorized distributor of all STANLEY® Engineered Fastening brands, including POP® Rivets. Trusted by manufacturers worldwide, the POP rivet range includes a wide variety of high-quality fasteners that will meet the needs of your demanding manufacturing assembly process.

The ability to set POP blind rivets without the need for access at the back of the work piece makes their use mandatory in many instances. Their many additional advantages also make them the logical choice in numerous applications where the blind rivet setting feature is not of primary importance.

Pop Rivet - Emhart Fastening

POP Rivets Products Include:

  • Open & Closed-End Rivets
  • Structural & Specialist Rivets
  • Speed Fasteners
  • Self-Piercing Rivets (SPR)
  • Jack-Nut Rivet Nuts
  • Well-Nut Rivet Nuts
  • Advel Euro Hexsert / Hexsert
  • Avdel High Strength Hexsert
  • Avdel Squaresert (Nutsert SQ)
  • Riveting Installation

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