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Nylok is a value-added solutions provider of resin, adhesive and lubricant coatings for threaded fastener applications, with five processing plants in North America. Since 1942, Nylok has been a trusted brand and partner in the industry. Nylok's core market segments - automotive, aerospace, industrial and international - are each supported with comprehensive, dedicated business development resources.

Nylok Fastener Corp

Nylok Products Include:

  • Mechanical Locking and Thread Sealing
  • Thread Protection and Masking
  • Thread Sealants
  • Powder Coating
  • Galvanic Corrosion Protection

Nylok Toolkit

Featured Nylok Products

  • Nylok Blue Nylon Strip
  • Nylok Torq-Patch Locknut

Nylock Blue Nylon StripNylok Blue Nylon Strip

Nylok Torq-Strip self-locking elements are permanently embedded in the threads of a fastener. When mating threads are engaged, the tough, resilient Blue nylon element is compressed and a counter-force is created to establish a much stronger contact and positive resistance to vibration and loosening.

A Nylok Torq-Strip self-locking element can be applied to your own fasteners, or ready-to-install self-locking fasteners can be supplied to meet your specifications. Screws as small as #00-90 (M1.2) can be processed and these Nylok self-locking elements can be applied with equal effectiveness to larger diameter fasteners.

Nylok Torq-Patch Locknut

Nylok Torq-Patch Locknut is a self-locking element comprised of nylon permanently bonded into the threads of a nut. When the Nylok Torq-Patch Locknut is engaged, it creates a wedge between the nut and mating part compressing the nylon and creating metal to metal contact opposite the patch. This metal to metal contact results in a positive resistance to vibration and loosening. Since nylon has great memory characteristics, this locking element can be reused several times.


  • Reusable/adjustable
  • Exceptional vibration resistance
  • Resistant to lubricants, fuel, hydraulic fluids and most commercial solvents
  • Can be applied to any size or thread configuration larger than a M6/1/4” nut
  • Bonds to a broad range of fastener finishes
  • Complies with or exceeds IFI, DIN and major OEM specifications
  • Provides a seal for threads
  • Parts are ready for assembly
  • Precise thread coverage in every part
  • Is not affected by high humidity conditions
  • Environmentally friendly/non-toxic
  • 180° (standard) or 360° (optional) radial coverage
  • Torque can be adjusted to meet specific applications
  • Cost effective
  • No metal removal to reduce fastener strength or performance

Nylok Torq-Patch Locknut Spec Sheet