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Nelson | Stanley Engineered Fastening


DB Roberts is an authorized distributor of STANLEY® Engineered Fastening brands, including Nelson® Stud Welding and Fastening, the global market leader of welded fasteners and equipment. Since 1939, Nelson has been creating powerful, cost-effective stud welding fasteners and equipment – providing engineered components, split-second fastening, training, and application support that improve productivity for construction, nuclear, shipbuilding, and industrial markets.


Nelson Products Include:

  • S3L Shear Connectors
  • H4L Concrete Anchors
  • PSR Punching Shear Resistor
  • D2L Deformed Bar Anchors
  • D6L A706 Stud Weldable Rebar
  • Nelson Weld Studs
  • Nelson Weld Accessories
  • ProWeld Accessories
  • Stud Welding Equipment