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Gripco | Stanley Engineered Fastening


DB Roberts is an authorized distributor of STANLEY® Engineered Fastening brands, including Gripco® Nuts and Assemblies. Gripco offers standard and customized nut products as well as engineered assembly solutions for applications including chassis, powertrain and sheet metal.

Gripco Products Include:

  • Cage Nuts
  • Centerlock Torque Nuts
  • Countersunk Weld Nuts
  • Crownlock Torque Nuts
  • Flag Nuts
  • Flange Weld Nuts
  • Hex Flange Clinch Nuts
  • Hex Nuts
  • Mini-Cage Nuts
  • Nut Plates
  • Round Flange Clinch
  • Round Weld Nuts
  • Square Weld Nuts
  • Toplock Torque Nuts
  • Twin Delta Torque Nuts