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Device Technologies, Inc.


DB Roberts is an authorized distributor for the entire Device Technologies, Inc. (DTi) product portfolio, maintaining Platinum Distributor status. DTi focuses on dedication and consistent conformance to customer needs under an ISO 9001 and AS9100 Quality Control System and has experienced steady growth as a result. DTi maintains a preferred vendor status to customers throughout the world, supporting industries such as Aerospace, Computer Servers & Storage, Defense, Food Processing, Information Technology, Imaging and Medical Equipment, Power Systems, Renewable Energy, Telecommunications and Rail/Transportation.

Device Technologies, Inc. has been designing and manufacturing innovative solutions for the OEM industry and electromechanical product manufacturers since 1984, with design expertise that embodies more than 155 years of multi-disciplinary processing, materials technology around an ergonomic specialty fastener vision, experience and perspective.

Device Technologies Inc.

Device Technologies, Inc. Products Include:

  • Spring-Fast Grommets
  • Seal-Fast Edge Seals
  • Trim-Fast Edge Trim
  • Fast-Drop Cable Management
  • Shield-Fast Shielding

Device Technologies Catalog

Featured Device Technologies Inc. Products

  • Spring-Fast® Mil-Spec Composite Grommet Edging
  • Protect-Fast™ Electrical Fiberglass Sleeving

Spring-Fast® Mil-Spec Composite Grommet Edging

Spring-Fast Mil-Spec grommet edging M22529/1 and M22529/2 were designed for the high performance needs of the defense industry. Used widely on airframes, tactical vehicles and ground based electronics.

Product Features and Benefits:

  • Spring steel substrate with thermoset polymer coating
  • Simple snap-on install with finger pressure or roller
  • For straight edges, corners, and holes
  • M22529/2 offers cushioned crown wire interface
  • Eliminates adhesives, safety and environmental concerns
  • Holds fast without VOC adhesives
  • Superior quality, finish and durability
  • Adapts to materials, thicknesses & applications
  • Flexible and installs continuously

Protect-Fast™ Electrical Fiberglass Sleeving

Protect-Fast™ Electrical Fiberglass Sleeving

Product Features:

  • High Heat Silicone Coated Fiberglass
  • Flammability Rating: NEMA TF-1 – Type 6; MIL-I-003190/6; ASTM D372
  • UL Compliant
  • Operating Temperature Range from -103F to 428F
  • Resistant to oils, acids, alkalies, organic solvents, and alphatic hydrocarbons.
  • Available in Black, Red, White