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Calmark | Birtcher | nVent SCHROFF


Safer systems ensure a more secure world - nVent connects and protects customers with inventive electrical solutions. nVent is a $2 billion company with nearly 9,000 employees worldwide that operates three business segments - each boasting brands that are among the most established in the electrical industry.

The SCHROFF brand contains a broad product portfolio from printed circuit board (PCB) accessories, such as Calmark and Birtcher card retrainers and extractors, front panels and handles, to subracks, cases, backplanes, power supplies, cabinets and pre-assembled chassis for embedded computing systems. The nVent SCHROFF brand has been a world leader in electronics packaging for over five decades.


Calmark | Birtcher | nVent SCHROFF Products Include:

  • Calmark and Birtcher Board Retention
  • Subracks and 19" Chassis
  • 19" Cases
  • Front panels and hardware
  • Small form factor and embedded cases

Featured Calmark | Birtcher Products

  • Calmark High Thermal Sawtooth Series
  • Tolerance Compensating Extractor
  • Subracks, Cases, Front Panels

Calmark High Thermal Sawtooth Series

  • Innovative profile enables advanced thermal performance
  • Drop-in replacements available for Calmark 260, 265, and 280 series
  • Allows for up to 15% increased thermal performance over similarly sized card-locks

Calmark High Thermal Sawtooth Series Datasheet

Tolerance Compensating Extractor

  • Provides self-compensation for board tolerances
  • Integrated latching mechanism
  • Designed in accordance with VITA 48.4 and 48.2

Tolerance Compensating Extractor Datasheet

Subracks, Cases, Front Panels

  • Faster time to market with nVent's industry-leading expertise and configurable SCHROFF solutions with global and local support
  • EMC Shielding
  • Modifications easily made to meet application needs including cutouts, paint, and assembly - all managed with a single SKU

Subracks, Cases, Front Panels Datasheet