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Barry Controls | Hutchinson


Hutchinson (Formerly Barry Controls) was founded in 1943 to solve shock and vibration problems for the US Military. Since that time, Hutchinson has been a world leader in development of unique and custom solutions for shock attenuation and vibration isolation mounting systems.

In 2000, Barry Controls was acquired in its entirety by Hutchinson Worldwide, a consumer products company that is part of the immense Total Petrochemical conglomerate and it is the largest non-automotive tire elastomer products manufacturer in the world. By this merger, Barry Controls merged its experience with Vibrachoc, Techlam, Stop-choc and Paulstra to create the industrial and defense anti-vibration division of Hutchinson.

Barry Controls

Barry Controls | Hutchinson Products Include:

  • Bonded Tube Mounts
  • Machinery Mounts
  • Cup Style Mounts High Deflection Mounts
  • Low Profile Mounts
  • Cylindrical Stud Mounts
  • All Elastomer Isolators
  • Metal & Mesh Isolators
  • Specialty Isolators