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3MTM Fasteners provide flexibility and efficiency with several options of fasteners and adhesives that are removable, serviceable, and accessible.

Replacing screws, nuts, and bolts in many applications, industrial-strength 3M Dual Lock Reclosable Fasteners and traditional 3M Hook and Loop Reclosable Fasteners can provide aesthetically superior, lightweight solutions. Available in a variety of strengths to fit your fastening needs.


3M Fastener Products Include:

  • Reclosable Fasteners
  • Hook and Loop
  • Cable Ties and Accessories

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Featured 3M Products

  • SJ3870 Dual Lock Reclosable Fasteners
  • SJ3523 Plasticizer Resistant Loop Fastener

Dual Lock Reclosable FastenersSJ3870 3M Dual Lock Reclosable Fasteners

  • Black, interlocking mushroom-shaped heads (250 stem density per square inch) provide strong, reliable and durable fastening that can be opened and closed multiple times.
  • Mates with Type 170, Type 250 or Type 400 stem densities to provide different strength combinations.
  • Bonds well to a variety of substrates including metals, powder-coated paints and plastics such as acrylics, polycarbonate and ABS.
  • Strong fastener secures with an audible snap, verifying closure.
  • An alternative to screws and bolts, this hidden fastener provides a snug fit and smooth aesthetic appearance.
  • Features temperature resistance of 140 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Suited for indoor and outdoor use.

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Plasticizer Resistant Loop Fastener SJ3523 3M Plasticizer Resistant Loop Fastener

  • When paired with 3M Hook Fasteners, this reclosable fastener provides durability for thousands of openings and closures.
  • Woven nylon loop fastener provides great design flexibility and fast product assembly.
  • Plasticizer resistant acrylic-based adhesive offers great shear strength and bonds to a variety of substrates, especially flexible vinyls.
  • Alternative solution to zippers, screws, snaps and more.