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New USB Controller Independently Controls 14 Different Electromechanical Latches

Southco’s new EA-A06 USB Controller allows the independent, computer-controlled operation of up to 14 different electronic locks and other devices when connected to a standard computer USB port. The EA-A06 facilitates simple plug-and-play installation that can be integrated with any Southco electromechanical latch solution.

  • Computer-controlled, remote electromechanical latch operation via USB port
  • User-friendly interface with simple programming commands
  • Integrates with any Southco electromechanical latch solution
  • Controller operation through existing user software, HyperTerminal or via Southco’s demo program

The EA-A06 provides an interface between the user’s existing interface and electronic latches which can provide remote control and audit trail capabilities.

Learn more about the EA-A06 USB Controller »

Learn more about the EA-A06 USB Controller


The EA-A06 USB Controller is designed for applications across industries including:
Self Service
Secure Storage

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