Richco Locking Saddle-Snap Rivet

The Locking Wire Saddle-Snap Rivet (LWS-SR) series is an addition to Richco's extensive line of wire saddle products.  These wire saddles are ideal for routing wires and bundles.  They are available in four different sizes accomodating a range of wire bundle diameters.  The parts have a unique design where the wires can easily be inserted into the top of the saddle and locked in place.  These parts can also be mounted easily with either a Richco (SR-35XX) series snap rivet or a screw.  The unique base design allows for sever panel thicknesses ranges which go from .010" (0.3mm) to .219" (5.6mm), using a Richco snap rivet.  Snap rivets are sold separately.  For other saddle styles, please see the Richco catalog.

Counterbored hole in part for mounting
Unique locking style
Four Sizes

Allows for mounting panel thicknesses from .010"-.219"
Can be mounted onto various chassis thicknesses
Retains wires into saddle
Protects wires from abrasion
Ideal for routing a range of wire bundle diameters

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