ReelFast™ SMT Spacers/Nuts from PennEngineering®
Fastening Technologies

PennEngineering is proud to introduce the next release in the Surface Mounted Fastener line, SMTSO spacers/nuts. A true advancement in the attachment of fasteners to a PC Board - ReelFast™ SMTSO spacers eliminate the inherent problems created when using the current broaching method of installation. Now you can offer your customers an additional way to reduce costs and improve productivity.

Our first release, the ReelFast™ Panel Fastener, has been nominated for two awards:

ReelFast™ SMT Spacers/Nuts will be launched March 7th at the National Design Engineering Show. We are ready to accept your stocking orders in advance of the launch.

Other than the addition of a solder pad to the PC board, these parts are a drop-in replacement for the KF2/KFE line. A review of your KF2/KFE sales history would be an appropriate guide for future SMTSO requirements.

ReelFast™ SMT surface mount spacers/nuts are placed on printed circuit boards in the same manner as other surface mount components and offer the following productivity and cost saving solutions:

Initial testing conservatively indicates a saving of $115/k per installation. These savings are broken down as follows when compared to traditional broaching fasteners:

Electronic Contract Manufacturers will be the first to recognize the savings in labor and scrap costs. Partner with the ECM to assist in the design-in at the OEM level by showing the ECM how to reduce their costs to be more competitive, create greater value for the OEM, and differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Promotional Info
preliminary SMTSO datasheet - This product will be added to the SMT bulletin, as will all future expansions on this surface mount theme.

To Order
The SMTSO spacers/nuts are packaged on a tape and reel for automated assembly. They are also available loose as a special order as SMLSO.