(Issued 8/25/11)

Saving Production Time and Money:

Pemserter® In-Die Feeding System Installs Fasteners
During The Stamping Process

The PEMSERTER® In-Die Fastener Feeding System is uniquely engineered to install self-clinching nuts, studs, and standoffs in assemblies during the stamping process. Working in tandem with a stamping press (and properly tooled die) to feed and install fasteners, this portable system eliminates secondary operations typically required for fastener insertions. Users can realize increased assembly-line productivity, quality, and savings as two operations (stamping and fastener-installation) can be performed simultaneously in the die.

The PEMSERTER In-Die Fastener Feeding System is virtually "plug and play" by utilizing multi-pin twist lock connectors to interface with the die and stamping press. The system can be configured for multiple or single insertions, generally matching the rate of the stamping press. Operators are guided by a touch-screen (for set-up and operation) and online library of fault/help screens. Removable tooling can handle complex workpieces and offers considerable adaptability capable of reaching into areas generally considered inaccessible. Customized tooling can be engineered to meet particular application needs. The In-Die Fastener Feeding System consists of die tooling, fastener-feeding system, and die-sensing system. Customers are fully supported from die design through installation and in-house training.

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