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Heyco is pleased to provide the following information on our wide range of Cable Clamps. 

Heyco offers a wide range of Cable Clamps including our NEW Stainless Steel Cable Clamps. 


Ideal for Harsh Environments:  NEW Heyco Stainless Steel Cable Clamps


Heyco's new Stainless Steel Cable Clamps are for clamping cable or tubing securely into place, especially in harsh environments.  The Cable Clamp's smooth "coined" clamp edges prevent damage to

SS Cable Clamps Both
Stainless Steel Cable Clamps

cable insulation.  These Clamps are constructed from corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel.  They are also offered as insulated parts that are constructed from 304 stainless steel and coated with polyolefin.  Polyolefin is a thermoplastic co-polymer that provides a durable non-toxic, odorless coating that has very good low temperature flexibility and excellent electrical properties.  This coating also has FDA food contact approval.  


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Heyco Lockit Nylon Cable Clamps Lock onto Wire and Cable for Faster Final Assembly.


Heyco's Lockit Nylon Cable Clamps are available in Push Lock and Snap Lock Styles.

Push Lock Lockit Cable Clamp
Push Lock Style Lockit Cable Clamp


Heyco Push Lock Style Lockit Nylon Cable Clamps have a push-in "bayonet" that locks the part onto cable quickly and easily for faster final assembly requiring no additional hardware.



Snap Lock Lockit Cable Clamp
Snap Lock Style Lockit Cable Clamp


 Heyco Snap   Lock Style Nylon Cable Clamp's locking feature allows for preassembly onto cable quickly and easily, for faster final assembly. The Snap Lock locks securely, but can be removed and reused.


Both styles resist corrosion, salt water, weak acids, grease and common solvents.  They are molded from Nylon 6/6, have a 94V-2 flammability rating and a material temperature index of 257° F (125° C).


For additional information on Heyco Lockit Nylon Cable Clamps please click here.


Heyco UL Recognized Nylon Cable Clamps-Available in Light and Heavy Duty


Nylon Cable Clamp
Nylon Cable Clamp

Heyco Nylon Cable Clamps are for locking cable or tubing securely into place.  These cable clamps are available in light duty (3/8" (9,5mm) wide, .05" (1,3mm) thick) and heavy duty (1/2" (12,7mm) wide and .06" (1,5mm) thick).  These clamps are molded from Nylon 6/6 in black and natural colors.  They are also available in 94V-0 halogen free nylon (contact Heyco).  Heyco Nylon Cable Clamps are UL recognized under file E54523, have a flammability rating of 94V-2 and a material temperature index of 185°F (85°C).


For additional information on Heyco Nylon Cable Clamps, click here.

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