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Dear TIM, 


Heyco is very excited to introduce our newest Strain Reliefs - the Heyco Snap-In Cordgrip Strain Reliefs which are available in Straight-Thru and Pigtail styles. 

Heyco's new Straight-Thru and Pigtail Snap-In Cordgrip Strain Reliefs are theUltimate in Snap-In Strain Relief Protection - and they're a snap to install!   

Snap In CG Strain Relief
Heyco Snap-In Cordgrip Strain Relief - Straight-Thru


Heyco's Snap-In Cordgrip Strain Reliefs are available in Straight-Thru and Pigtail styles. The Pigtail's integral nylon spring eases the cable into a lazy bend, prevents kinking and assures the longest cable and product life. 


Both the Straight-Thru and Pigtail styles have unique fingers that securely lock into a range of panel sizes without the use of a locknut.  The smooth rounded interior edges make installation simple - no tools are required - and intrusion is limited where access is tight.  The ratchet design of the sealing nut assembly provides superior anti-vibration and ensures a firm grip on the cable, and for DD mounting holes, the DD hub design prevents rotation.   

Pigtail Snapin CG Strain Relief
Heyco Snap-In Cordgrip Strain Relief - Pigtail


The Heyco Snap-In Cordgrip Strain Reliefs are CSA certified under File 093876 and UL recognized under file E51579 (they even meet the UL strain relief requirements without bending or kinking the cable!).  These parts have a 94V-2 flammability rating and a temperature rating of -22F (-30C) to 212F (100C). 


For additional information on the Heyco Snap-In Cordgrip Strain Reliefs, please click here for the Straight-Thru style and click here for the Pigtail style.     


Although these Strain Reliefs are similar in appearance and function to Heyco-Tite Liquid Tight Cordgrips, they may not be liquid tight at the panel interface.  For our complete range of Liquid Tight Cordgrips with Integral Sealing Ring, please  visit our Liquid Tight Cordgrip Section by clicking here.


You can use Heyco Mounting Hole Plugs for DD Mounting Holes or Heyco Dome Plugs for round Mounting Holes, to fill blank/unused Mounting Holes and thus allow for a single panel design across multiple applications.  Click here to see our Heyco Hole Plug Section.   

If you would like to order free samples of these or any other Heyco products, please click here


Colleen Faulknor

Vice President, Administration
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