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IMRS (Inventory Management Replenishment System)

IMRS is an automated inventory replenishment system (VMI) which offers the ultimate in flexibility and ease of operation. Utilizing bar code technology and a web browser you can Effortlessly manage inventory, Reorder stock and Reduce administrative costs.

A Bluetooth scanner is used to scan your inventory. Replenishment data is transmitted to our computer system. You will receive a transaction of the scan via e-mail. Your order is being prepared for shipment or delivery.

System Requirements


  • Access To WIFI
  • Secure Area For Equipment
  • 110V Power Source

DBR Supplied

  • 2D Bar Code Reader
  • Tablet
  • Bar Code Catalog When Required
  • Material Logistic Process Flow

System Features

  • Prepackaged Bar Coded product
  • Automatic Order Confirmation
  • Consolidated Billing
  • Bonded Inventory at DBR
  • Customer Report Generation
  • Visual and Audio Scan Confirmation
  • JIT Delivery

Customer Care

  • Program Procedures, Logistics and Requirements Are Provided
  • Phase in Time Line
  • System Delivery and Training
  • Audits, Cycle Counts and Reviews

Benefits to IMRS/DOE


  • Reduces Paper Waste
  • Simplifies Routine
  • Improves Order Accuracy
  • Increases Productivity


  • Supports JIT Procurement
  • Reduces Inventory
  • Reduces Cycle Time


  • Reduces Acquisition Cost
  • Increases Inventory Velocity
  • Improves Manufacturing Flexibility


  • Improves Order and Receipt Process
  • Reduces Keying Errors
  • Lower "Cost of Quality"


  • Reduces Transaction Cost
  • Increases Inventory Velocity
  • Increases Inventory Turns
  • Reduces Time of Matching Invoice with Packing Slip


DB Roberts does not offer a "ONE SYSTEM FITS ALL" inventory management program. IMRS is totally customized to meet the individual customers' requirements. DBR will tailor IMRS to accommodate the customers' specifications.


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