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Heyco offers decades of experience in the design and manufature of molded wire protection products and stamped electrical components to meet demanding customer application requirements. Heyco's unique in-house ability to offer customers the latest design and prototyping technology, along with years of high volume manufacturing experience, provides production solutions to challenging manufacturing deadlines.


Heyco Products Include:

  • Strain Relief Bushings
  • Cordgrips
  • Caps & Plugs
  • Locknuts
  • Power Components

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Featured Heyco Products

  • Heyco Snap-In Cordgrip Strain Reliefs Straight-Thru
  • Heyco Helios UVX Clip
  • Liquid Tight Cordgrips for Enphase Q Cables

Heyco Snap-in cordgrip strain reliefsHeyco Snap-In Cordgrip Strain Reliefs Straight-Thru

The ultimate in snap-in strain relief protection for panels from .062" (1,6 mm) to 1.25" (3,2 mm) thick.

  • Smooth, rounded interior edges for ease of installation.
  • Limited intrusion into enclosure where access is tight.
  • Rotation prevented when used in "Double D" mounting holes.
  • Easy to install-no tools required.
  • Ratchet design of sealing nut assembly provides superior anti-vibration and ensures a firm grip on the cable.
  • Available in multiple sizes for cable diameters ranging from .210" (5,3 mm) to 1.260" (32,0 mm).
  • We recommend using the fitting with the smallest maximum diameter that will fit your application.
  • Meet UL strain relief requirements without bending or kinking the cable.

Snap-in Cordgrip Strain Reliefs Spec Sheet

Heyco Helios UVX Clip BlackHeyco Helios UVX Clip

An excellent wire management solution no matter the application. Heyco's UVX material allows for parts to be more resistant to harmful UV rays that would normally dry out other nylon products and/or make them more birttle. The pine tree mounting style ensures excellent panel retention when installed in the recommended hole size. Superior cable retention.

  • Installs into .260" mounting hole with finger-tip pressure
  • Holds up to 2 cables between .230" - .315" each
  • Molded from robust UVX Nylon 6/6 with extended UV capabilities

Heyco Helios UVX Clip Spec Sheet

Heyco-Tite Liquid Tight Cordgrips for Enphase Q Cables

  • Two new cordgrips now accommodate the Enphase Q Cable - M3231GZ (1/2" NPT) and M3234GDA-SM (3/4" NPT)
  • The 1/2" version provides liquid tight entry for ne Enphase Q Cable - .24" x .38" (6,1 x 9,7mm)
  • The 3/4" version provides liquid tight entry for up to two Enphase Q Cables - .24" x .38" (6,1 x 9,7mm) and an additional .130" (3,3 mm) diameter hole for a #8 solid grounding cable.
  • The 3/4" version utilizes skinned-over technology so any unused holes will retain a liquid tight seal.
  • Rated for us with DG Cable.

Product News

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