DB Roberts Supply Chain Solutions and Value-Added Services

Performance Plus Solutions and Services


Increasing efficiency in your process is more crucial than ever. To give your business the advantage to perform at its best, rely on DB Roberts Performance Plus: a specialized program we've developed to customize your solutions and meet your unique needs, from inventory management to supply chain and value-added options.

As part of this process, our experienced Programs team will find ways to streamline the management of your inventory and fix gaps in your supply chain - allowing you to outperform your goals and the competition.

All our programs begin with your dedicated DB Roberts Sales Representative. Learn more below and connect with your representative today to discuss the solutions that best support your business needs. Don't have a Sales Representative? Email us at dbr-marketing@dbroberts.com or complete the form below and we will connect with you!

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Performance Plus Inventory Solutions

DB Roberts uses proprietary programming to determine the most efficient reorder levels, ensuring that the production of your items stays on course. Our Programs team completes an extensive assessment of your business needs, which includes: reviewing your 12-month order history and product usage; forecasting; and performing thorough sourcing and costing analyses. This allows us to develop an inventory program customized to your specific business needs, with the best products and pricing available.


DB Roberts Vendor Managed Inventory QR Code Bin Scanner

Scanner + seamlessly integrates into your process, providing inventory management benefits right away.

Quickly reorder parts by scanning a bin or bag. Parts are added directly to your shopping cart, available for immediate review and processing.


DB Roberts supply chain management programs RFID solution

Reduce reordering errors with the latest inventory management replenishment system, RFID +.

You'll simply drop the RFID-enabled card into the steel receptacle when the parts bin is low, and the product data is added to a PO for a seamless inventory management process.


Supply Chain solutions with digital scale systems

For high-volume, streamlined inventory management, our Digital Scale + solution is ideal.

This smart bin system is based on the weight of parts, eliminating the need for you to use a scanner or move cards or bins – ultimately reducing errors and keeping production at peak performance.

Performance Plus Value-Added Services

DB Roberts Value-Added services are time-saving, waste-reduction options for your production team. Our ISO 9001-2015 certified value-added center in New England allows you to speed up your manufacturing cycle, streamline procurement, reduce inventory cycle times, and more. We offer the following Value-Added Services:

  • Kitting
  • Packaging and Labeling
  • Tool Maintenance and Repair
  • Part Modifications
  • Engineering and Design Support
  • Prototyping and Custom Parts

Take a closer look at our most requested services:


DB Roberts Vendor Managed Inventory QR Code Bin Scanner

When you need parts packaged for manufacturing or installation requirements, Kitting + saves time and labor, while minimizing errors. Our team member works directly with your sales rep to understand your kitting needs, ensuring that every kit meets exact specifications.


DB Roberts value added solutions - packing and labeling

Through the DB Roberts Pack & Label + service, customers can request custom labeling for bags and boxes, as well as custom packaging to meet unique specifications. These options help your business and processes stay organized, efficient, and streamlined.


DB Roberts value added solutions tool maintenance and repair

With Tooling + Maintenance and Repair from DB Roberts, our certified technicians offer technical support and equipment service on Haeger and Pemserter insertion machines and pneumatic/hydraulic rivet guns. Learn more about our tooling support here.

Performance Plus Supply Chain Services

DB Roberts Supply Chain Performance Plus solutions are flexible enough to accommodate your processes while scaling for volume and evolving business needs. We have the following Supply Chain Services available:

  • Same Day Shipping*
  • Bar Coding
  • Advanced Shipping Notices (ASN)
  • Consolidated Invoicing
  • Consigned and Bonded Inventory
  • MRP Share
  • EDI
  • Automated Open Order Report

*For orders of in-stock parts processed prior to 3 PM local time

Getting Started

To determine the best blend of solutions and services for your business, start by contacting your dedicated Sales Representative. If you don't have a Sales Representative yet, complete the form below or email us at dbr-marketing@dbroberts.com and we'll quickly get you connected with the right person.